Who are PIA and what purpose do they serve?

Property Investment Agents (PIA) are technically a buyers’ agency, but in reality, we are so much more.

When you sign on with PIA, you are part of a community. Ongoing support and added value from like-minded individuals set them apart from some of the others out there who would find you an investment property, take your hard-earned money and then wave you goodbye. Essentially, the clients are a part of the business.

History & philosophy

Over the last decade, PIA has helped more than 800 clients take the first and subsequent steps towards achieving their financial goals through building wealth, creating passive income and reaching a stage where they could live life on their own terms. Investment properties are never a one-size-fits-all strategy and PIA tailors the experience to the financial goals and circumstances of the individual. PIA adapts to changing investment property markets, evolving financial goals and different risk appetites. They connect, look after, and have built friendships with clients over the years. That, in part, is because so many PIA team members are property investors themselves. PIA ensures its work is conducted with care, diligence, and accuracy. You cannot build relationships if you sell someone something and then move on. From the moment you pick up the phone and touch base with PIA, you become part of our community.

Added value

PIA has put in place a dedicated Investor Relations team, which looks after clients on an ongoing basis. What this means is that if you find yourself in a pickle, in a situation you do not understand, or you just need knowledge to help you stay on track, you can simply pick up the phone and talk to a professional who is tasked to look after you personally. PIA also hosts functions during the year so that clients can meet, compare notes, touch base, and have a laugh. These events bring extra value because as anyone who wants a multi-investment property portfolio would know, there aren’t many people out there in the same boat. One of the key steps to success is to associate with like-minded people who understand your financial goals and want you to succeed, rather than surrounding yourself with people who just do not understand. Surround yourself with like-minded people in assisting you reach the next level on your investment property journey. Finally, PIA also boasts engaging in tech savvy methods in consistent communication with its clients via virtual meeting programs, livestreams, podcasts, and monthly recorded webinars to keep our clients informed and educated during lockdown restrictions which made it harder to catch up face to face. Above all, there are a lot of free educational YouTube videos you can access about investment property and how PIA can help you grow your investment property portfolio.

230+ points of difference

Mentorship, experience and access to off-market investment property deals are what any property investor would want from a buyers’ agent and PIA has the biggest point of difference in the investment property industry in that regard. That difference is contrarian property investor, Nathan Birch, who has more than 230 investment properties in his own investment property portfolio, and it is still growing! Nathan has over 18 years’ experience in the investment property market, that he is uniquely placed to mentor clients. There is not much that can or will happen in the investment property market that he has not experienced already. Nathan has experienced many roadblocks, lessons learnt and eventual triumphs. Any PIA client gets access to this wealth of knowledge and much more… Nathan does his research and the legwork, so you do not have to. He sources the investment properties that will eventually make up your investment property portfolio. Many of these investment properties are off-market investment property deals that agents bring to Nathan. You will never hear about them anywhere else. He is able to source them through the connections he has made over the years.

Still not sure?

The investment property market fluctuates and is constantly changing however, there are always investment property deals to be done. If you are ready to invest, or want more information, reach out to our experienced PIA team member and email admin@propertyinvestmentagents.com.au.

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