About Us

Mission Statement

We will maximise the potential of your property investment portfolio. We will educate you on creating and expanding your property investment portfolio. We will empower you towards building sustainable, recession-proof investment property portfolios. We have the knowledge to deliver the highest quality of services towards inspiring moments of creative property investments and an improved quality of life for you on your journey of investment property transformation.

Vision Statement

As licensed buyer’s agents, negotiators, and successful property investors we strive to develop and master property investment strategies that will minimise our clients’ property investment risks while maximising their return on investment.

Value Statement

We are courageous, committed, and accountable entrepreneurial leaders in property investment. Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to inclusiveness, diversity and just being real. We are an innovative and evolving agency providing its clients with an open, honest, ethical, and genuine experience.

Meet Our Founder

Nathan Birch, our founder, an unconventional Aussie bloke who’s built a passion for property at an early age and is known for wearing his signature black thongs wherever he goes, no matter the occasion. He’s not your typical corporate guy
with a suit and tie, he came from a blue-collar family and did not have the luxury of a family inheritance nor was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Nathan has been in the property game for over 18 years and has built himself a property
empire of over 230 investment properties and is able to live life on his terms. Now he helps everyday Aussies who are committed to achieving their financial goals to teach them how to live life on their terms.

Maximising Your Investment Potential

Did you know that among the eight capital cities nationwide, residential property prices have risen by 23.7% on average?
(Australian Bureau of Statistics Index Report 2021) Australian Bureau of Statistics Index Report 2021) When you have the right team working for you, you’re able to push beyond the single digit investment property portfolio.

We are equipped with the strategies and experiences needed to help you initiate plans to expand your investment property portfolio. Without guidance to create your personal investment property strategy, you cannot realise your full potential.

How PIA Can Help You Live Life On Your Terms

We are a community of self-made, active property investors who know what it takes to build a successful investment property portfolio. Collectively, we have been a part of thousands of investment property transactions and have access to investment properties nationwide. Our national reach through established relationships allows us to open more doors of opportunities for our clients.

We help tailor a personalised buying strategy to suit your current financial position and financial goals. Learn how to climb up the property ladder so you can do just that – live life on your terms. Tell your boss where to go by doing what YOU want, when YOU want and how YOU want.

Our Strategy For Success

Every investment property selection is in line with Nathan Birch’s blueprint for success of the following criteria:

– Buying below market value
– Strong cash flow
– Upside for capital growth
– Below rebuild cost

At PIA, we treat your investment property journey like a business. Our strategies have been developed to minimise risks and maximise your returns. We know each investment opportunity has its merits; it all depends on your personal circumstances. The investment property game is not for everyone, so we like to tell you how it is – it takes time, commitment, and planning. That is why you need to know your Why. You’re the only person who can figure out your Why, it has to come from within, but we can assist you in getting clarity on your Why.