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Maximising Your Investment Potential

Providing research and guidance is one thing but our aim is to turn your plans into action, to give you the best chance of seeing returns sooner.

Did you know that approximately 90% of Australian property owners stop buying at only 1 or 2 properties when they could, in fact, buy more? PIA strategies and experience could be just want is needed to help you activate plans to expand your property portfolio.

Unfortunately, many investors buy property without first researching all the facts. Without guidance to create their personal investment strategy, they do not realise their full potential.

At PIA, our strategies have been developed to minimise our clients’ risk and maximise their results. Ensuring we have the full picture, we review thousands of properties nationally each week across diverse categories such as units, houses, villas, townhouses and blocks of units. We know that each investment opportunity has its merits, so we take the time to discuss these with our clients and find suitable investments that enable them to achieve their goals and maintain an aligned strategy.

enhance your lifestyle

Your Portfolio Should Enhance Your Lifestyle.

We are a team of self-made, active property investors who know what it takes to build a profitable property portfolio. Be assured that our discussions on successful investment strategies are built on our vast experience and industry knowledge.

Collectively, we’ve been a part of over a thousand property transactions and have a network with access to hundreds of thousands of properties across Australia. Our national reach through established relationships allows us visibility of a wide range of opportunities, while working to negotiate below market value prices for our clients.

For your peace of mind, the PIA team includes licensed buyers agents, auctioneers, negotiators and most importantly successful property investors who are active in today’s market place.

benefits of PIA

You should work with PIA on your investment property because we:

  1. Ensure you never pay at or above market value for a property
  2. Act as a third party when finalising deals, only focusing on achieving your goals
  3. Work to streamline processes to ensure timely outcomes
  4. Help you benefit from our relationships with real estate agents nationally
  5. Use our experience gained from over a thousand property transactions
  6. Help tailor a personalised buying strategy to suit your goals
  7. Have your best interests at heart
  8. Offer you access to off-market properties
  9. Utilise our wealth of industry knowledge, relationships and professional investor tools and techniques for your benefit


9 tips to building a profitable property portfolio

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